The first work Milkmaid, self portrait was begun in 1992. In my studio in Bloemstraat (squat) I recreated the painting in space. The windows of the old house with painted tape to small windows, a wooden plinth with Delft blue tiles painted a basket on the wall, a large nail, and a table with sandwiches and a basket, but with bronze paint and shoe polish worked a bronze table. Wilma Peeters me when in the correct position and pictures. There is a whole series where I should search. The first pictures were in jeans and a yellow t-shirt. Later, more and more according to the Vermeer painting. But with whipped cream or red paint instead of milk ..
Fre Meijer said in 1993 about the following: “The themes in the work of Marja van Putten, where ambiguity and the breaking of a certain order and hierarchy play a role, is a very humorous way forward in the series of staged photographs titled The Milkmaid by Vermeer in 1993. Here have featured the artist as the Milkmaid Vermeer in exactly the same environment as Vermeer ever painted, with the difference that here no milkmaid milk pours, but instead the tablecloth and the floor is decorated with pink and cream white tufts. Marja van Putten shows its admiration for the way in which Vermeer an ode to a maid. Simultaneously it ironic that given by the area to decorate. Vermeer’s painting is not only a celebration, but also a continuation of a situation where the woman’s place is noted. Airy and humorous sets Marja van Putten in her work questions about how we often all too easily be captured by a variety of systems. Systems also exist within the visual arts. Because these systems to depict and simultaneously break, she knows that to achieve the viewer’s own limits and restrictions will interrogate. Or, to use the famous words of Frank Stella saying: ‘Art Is to change what you expect from it. ”

Artscript, Fre Meljer, 1993

One of the nicest things that Wilma and I discovered that you are in the position in which the Milkmaid was painted by Vermeer impossible milk can donate .. Her eyes are not focused on casting it to the viewer.

Some of the pictures are printed on t-shirts and repeatedly exhibited. They are also in 2000 for the first ArtOlive Kunstprijs been nominated. The exhibition in Arti et Amicitiae where she then hung is filmed and broadcast on TV Bellissima. In 1999, an article appeared in the heading old / new in the Rijksmuseum Arts newspaper.

melkmeisje slagroom 28 x 33

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